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Now Offering Massage Treatments For Oncology Patients

Please review our oncology massage details below, or call us prior to booking an appointment for more information.

Registered Massage Therapy

15 Min$20.00

20 Min$30.00

30 Min$45.00

45 Min$65.00

60 Min$80.00

75 Min$100.00

90 Min$120.00

120 Min$170.00

Add Cupping to any Massage$15.00

Add Hot Stones to any Massage$15.00

Benefits of Cupping

· encourages blood flow
· loosen muscles
· reduce pain
· helps with fascia release
· help break down adhesion's

Salon Cure offers direct billing
and accepts all insurance companies.

For new massage clients please come 15 minutes prior to your appointment for paperwork and assessment.

Indian Scalp Massage

15 Min$20.00

20 Min$30.00

30 Min$45.00

Benefits/Details of Indian Scalp Massage

· beneficial for stress, headache relief and other common conditions.
· 15-30 minutes treatment.

This massage service is preformed by a certified aesthetician.

Massage Treatments for Oncology Patients

Benefits of massage therapy among oncology patients:

Many patients going through a variety of cancer treatments use massage therapy for multiple purposes such as stress reduction, pain relief, and to help with reducing many different symptoms.

Lymphatic drainage with massage therapy:

The lymphatic system is one of the main circulatory systems within our body. An important role of the lymphatic system is immune function. It is very important for oncology patients to keep a healthy immune system.

The importance of lymphatic drainage with cancer treatments is to keep lymph moving, drain lymph to appropriate ducts if some have been removed, and to keep your immune system active and strong.

FAQ's For Patients Receiving Massage Therapy While Undergoing Oncology Treatments:

Q: Does massage therapy spread cancer cells?

Massage therapy cannot spread or cause development of any cancer cells. Nor can it interrupt any ongoing treatments a patient may be receiving.

Q: Can massage therapy affect any medication a patient may be taking?

Massage therapy cannot stop or affect the outcome of your medication.

Things to keep in mind with massage and medications are:

  • Injection sites on the body must be avoided for at least 14 – 21 days.
  • Pain medication may affect the level of sensation you feel during a massage.
  • It is beneficial to schedule your massage treatments during an off period of chemotherapy to avoid any nausea or discomfort.

Always consult with your doctor about medication and massage therapy prior to treatment.

Call Salon Cure for any information or booking inquiries.

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